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Lee Rose Photography

Night Manta Ballet - Kona

Night Manta Ballet - Kona

The night view of manta rays swimming and feeding off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, is a mesmerizing and otherworldly spectacle. Kona is renowned for its unique manta ray night dive or snorkel experiences.

As the sun sets and darkness falls, underwater lights are strategically placed to illuminate the area near the ocean's surface. These lights attract plankton, which, in turn, draw in the majestic manta rays. The mantas, with their impressive wingspans and distinctively large mouths, gracefully glide through the water, creating an ethereal dance beneath the moonlit sky.

The night dive or snorkel allows observers to witness the manta rays' feeding behavior up close. The mantas loop and somersault gracefully, using their cephalic lobes to funnel plankton-rich water into their mouths. The sight of these gentle giants effortlessly navigating through the dark waters creates a surreal and enchanting experience.

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