Lee Rose

For over 50 years Lee Rose was a lighting designer and director of photography in the entertainment world.  He lit events all over the world including films like Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, television specials with Yann, at the Taj Mahal, Forbidden City and the Acropolis, and others with Roy Orbison, Bruce Willis, Carly Simon and Wynonna.  For almost 40 years he designed the lighting for the musical performances on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve.  He designed for series and annual specials including Chelsea Lately, The Golden Globe Awards and The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor day Telethon.

Along the way Lee began scuba diving and started shooting underwater.  Then back in 2017 Lee discovered the world of Milky Way photography.  Retiring from the entertainment world in 2023, Lee now devotes his time to further developing his photography skills and traveling to new places to engage his photographic passions.

"The serenity that comes from being able to embrace the moment and capture a singular image is something that I continue to strive for.  Whether scuba diving in the Caribbean or out in the middle of the night in the California desert, that peace and focus is what I hope to spend the next chapter of my life doing.  If those images can speak to anyone then I feel that I have found something worth doing."